Motivational Shayari in Hindi – Best Inspirational Shayari Collection with Images

    If you want to motivate yourself or your friend, lover, family member or anyone then this page is really meant for you. Here on this page you will find World’s Best Motivational Shayari. As we all know everyone need some kind of motivation at any phase of life. Even the successful person and businessman of the world need inspiration and motivation in their journey to become successful. Every person has a unique and different kind of inner qualities. Sometimes he cannot see or recognize his inner abilities.

    Sometimes he gets demotivate by a person, friend, circumstances, financially, mentally etc. At that time he need to read such kind of Inspirational Shayari that can boost him at once and fills him with more energy. And that type of Hindi Motivation Shayari is available on this page.

    Motivational Shayari in Hindi

    As we have earlier discussed in the above passage that there are some reasons which are responsible for a person’s dullness, tiredness and lack of confidence. And on that stage or situation he need a good friend or something else that can motivate him.

    Those who don’t have a real and honest friend choose the second way to inspire themselves (i.e. motivational shayari). Motivation is a necessary thing to move forward in the life and become a successful person. Through Motivational Shayari or Inspirational Shayari you can easily encourage a person to move forward in his life.

    तिनका-सा है हौसला,
    बना कर रखोगे
    तभी तो बना रहेगा घौसला

    खुद पर भरोसा करने का हुनर सीख लो…
    सहारे कितने भी सच्चे हो एक दिन साथ छोड़ ही जाते है

    मंजिलें क्या है रास्ता क्या है..?
    हौसला हो तो फासला क्या है

    मंज़िल पाना तो बहुत दूर की बात हैं।
    गुरूर में रहोगे तो रास्ते भी न देख पाओगे

    गम के अंधेरों में
    खुद को बेकरार ना कर
    सुबह जरूर आएगी
    सुबह का इंतजार कर

    अंधेरों में भटकने वाला तारा हूँ,
    सप्तऋषियों का प्यारा हूँ,
    अंधेरों से लड़कर एक रोज़,
    चमकने वाला सितारा हूँ।

    सिक्का दोनों का होता है,
    Heads का भी और Tale का भी,
    पर वक्त सिर्फ उसका होता है,
    जो पलट कर उपर आता है।

    भूखा पेट, खाली ज़ेब और झूठा प्रेम,
    इंसान को बहुत कुछ सिखा देता हैं.

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